How does Locksmiths work with residential locks

How to pick a jammed lock with Mesa Locksmith


Just a warning from the friendly locksmith's at Mesa Locksmith: You shouldn't try to un-jam a jammed lock without prior experience or you may ruin the entire lock and still end up locked out. Contact Mesa Locksmith for them to come do it properly.


You may go through your entire life without a lock jamming. At Mesa Locksmith we're here to give you some pointers to try and un-jam your lock before needing to call us to work on it. First of all, Mesa Locksmith would like to get you informed why lock's get jammed.


If you live in a cold area, the cold weather can cause a lock to jam. Mesa Locksmith recommends you carry lock de-icer with you at all times, especially if you're in an area that gets a lot of temperatures below freezing.

• Lock de-icer uses a chemical to melt ice. Mesa Locksmith recommends you carry this on your person, and don't leave it in your car! Mesa Locksmith says this is one job you can do on your own without risking ruining the lock.


• Rust can cause a lot of problems and Mesa Locksmith sees this quite often. Your key could get jammed inside the lock itself. Mesa Locksmith recommends you use a product such as WD-40, PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench to fix this problem. Mesa Locksmith recommends calling them because the key can break off and it is more risky than de-icing.


Mesa Locksmith has noticed a common theme in those breaking a key in the lock. This can really put a hamper on your day, because the key is now stuck, and without an easy way to get it out. Mesa Locksmith will use proper tools to get the key out. Some suggestions used by Mesa Locksmith have been to use a very strong magnet and to flood the keyhole with WD-40 and use pliers to pull the key out. Mesa Locksmith says this can be done if absolutely necessary, but we'd rather you call us first. Removing the plate means you have to replace the entire lock. Mesa Locksmith can unlock for you, rather than you having to go through all of the work of removing the plate and reinstalling another lock, or needing an Mesa Locksmith to do it for you.


A good locksmith is great to have. Mesa Locksmith will make sure that your lock is opened without too much expense to you, in the easiest, quickest manner possible. Mesa Locksmith guarantee's they will not break the lock, and we will come out in any weather, any time of day or night to help you. Mesa Locksmith is by your side to explain the science and to educate the customer so they know to choose the right Mesa Locksmith.


With Mesa Locksmith, feel safe, everything is in our hands. At Mesa Locksmith the customer comes first and the lock comes second. Our team of trained, professional Mesa Locksmith will get the job done.